Import Accounting Data

NOTE: When authenticating for the first time, you will need admin permissions in your accounting platform to be able to connect. It can take about 10-15 minutes to pull the data into Finmark and organize the data into the sections. 

Our API is a secure connection that doesn't share password data and can be revoked at any time via the accounting platforms. We will redirect you to the authorization page for the accounting platform to sign in and begin importing your data.

What do we import?

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Payroll Expense Accounts

  • Cash Balances

  • Cash Payments

  • Cash Collections

  • Balance Sheet and 3 Statement Details

  • Total Revenue

See General Mapping Below:

Watch this brief tutorial to learn more:

Note: We will be adding Netsuite, Sage Intaact, and more in the coming months. 

1. Connect at Registration

Once your account is connected, Finmark will sync with your General Ledger. Your chart of accounts, cash balances, revenue, payroll expenses, and detailed transactions will populate in the actuals section and the expenses section in Finmark.

It's a one-way sync from your accounting platform to Finmark; Finmark does not push any changes back to the accounting platform. This ensures that your accounting data will not be impacted by the changes done on Finmark.

If you decide to skip, you can connect later in the settings section.

  1. Select your organization and continue to authenticate.

  2. Once you are brought back to Finmark, you can begin to organize Expenses into departments and classes.

Note: Once you do this once, you will not have to repeat for those expenses. Also, you can change and edit your budget at anytime.

Next, Forecast the expense budget for any items you want to forecast as ongoing expenses.

Re-sync Accounting Data

Finmark syncs with your Accounting provider daily automatically. If you've made changes on your accounting platform and would like them to be reflected on Finmark right away, you can manually re-sync your data. To do so, click on the refresh button in the settings to prompt the new sync manually.

Click here for Step 3.

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