Fundraising is one of the toughest hurdles for founders-so we're making it easier. As a Finmark customer, we're giving you exclusive access to our network of experienced and trusted investors. Apply now and we'll help match you with investors who are interested in companies that match your criteria.

How does it work?

  • Finmark has partnered with dozens of the best early-stage investors across the globe to help founders get funded faster. Upload your pitch deck into Finmark and get matched with investors like Bessemer, Village Global, Draper & Associates, and more.

  • Answer a few questions about your funding round

  • Upload your pitch deck

  • The Finmark team gets notified and we quickly match the right investors based on criteria.

    • Typically 50% of the matches happen within the first week!

  • Investors will either directly contact you or ask Finmark for an introduction.

  • During this time, complete your financial model in Finmark to get ready for your pitch!

Let us help you and Apply Now!

The next step would be to follow the link and complete the form so we can share your details with our network of investors.

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