After integrating your third-party accounting tool there are a few steps to setting up your expense forecast. In this guide, we will show you how!

Here is the general mapping guide:

Step 1: Once you are brought back to Finmark, check your expense summary to see if your accounts have been pulled in successfully. From here, you will do a one-time organization of your expenses to ensure that the expenses are mapped to the correct departments.

Step 2: After organizing your expenses, you can begin to forecast your expenses by editing each expense.

Step 3. Forecasting your Expenses

Start by filling in the details of your expense forecast.

  1. What is the frequency? (One-Time Expense or Recurring)

  2. Then select the Expense Type (what is driving the forecast?)

    1. Amount

    2. Amount Per Employee

    3. As a Percent of Revenue

    4. Custom Formula

Step 4: Save your expense edit then continue to edit your expenses till you've completed your forecast.

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