With the Accounting Integration, Finmark will import your Chart of Accounts. Some of these expenses may be associated to payroll. Examples of these include; Wages & Taxes, Taxes, Payroll, Contractors, etc. To associate these expenses with your current and future forecasted employees we recommend tagging the expenses as “Payroll Costs”. This will ensure your total payroll costs are accounted for in your actuals.

Step 1: Navigate to the Expenses section.

Step 2: Click the edit button to the right of the selected Payroll cost.

Step 3: Select "Yes" as shown below, and Save Expense.

Step 4: Continue editing all Payroll expenses until you have edited all associated costs. These values will be represented under the Employees section.

NOTE: Finmark displays the total historical Payroll amounts under the actuals section for any tagged Payroll expenses.

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