During registering a new account, you can set your company name, email, and password associated with your account. This can be updated later on the Settings page or by reaching out to help@finmark.com.

Import Accounting Data

Our API is a secure connection that doesn't share password data and can be revoked at any time via the accounting platforms. We will redirect you to the authorization page for the accounting platform to sign in and begin importing your data.

Note: We will be adding Netsuite, Sage Intaact, and more in the coming months. 

Once your account is connected, Finmark will sync with your General Ledger. Your chart of accounts, cash balances, revenue, payroll expenses, and detailed transactions will populate in the actuals section and the expenses section in Finmark.

It's a one-way sync from your accounting platform to Finmark; Finmark does not push any changes back to the accounting platform. This ensures that your accounting data will not be impacted by the changes done on Finmark.

If you decide to skip, you can connect later in the settings section.

Import Payroll Data

In Finmark, you can connect to a variety of commonly used payroll providers. Finmark uses this data to populate the hiring plan and keep it up to date over time. having you time from manually updating new hires and the associated payroll costs.

Connecting to your payroll

If you are running payroll with Gusto, you can connect it to Finmark to import in your current and future employees during registration or in the settings section.

Re-sync Payroll

Finmark syncs with your payroll provider daily automatically. If you've made changes on your payroll provider and would like them to be reflected on Finmark right away, you can manually re-sync your data. To do so, click on Sync Payroll in the settings to prompt the new sync manually.

How Payroll Syncs

When a change is made on your payroll, it will also be reflected in Finmark. Your payroll changes will be updated in the employees' section and non-payroll actuals reports.

Skip Integration Setup

You can skip the integration step if you're not ready to connect to your financial data. Click "Finish" to get started in Finmark.

Click here for Step 2.

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