In this article, we will walk you through how you can make your Finmark Dashboard your own by customizing your layout, charts, and display!

Create Custom Charts from the Dashboard

How to create a Custom Chart

  1. Add Chart from Dashboard

  2. Add Chart from Fx Variables

Step 1: Click the Green Chart button to the right of the dashboard.

Step 2: Fill in the required fields such as Chart Name, Primary Display Metric, Chart Type, and the Data Source.

  • Name Chart

  • Select Primary Metric (Displayed value on the header of chart)

  • Non-Monthly Calculation (Displayed value for when you switch to quarterly/annual views)

  • Chart Type

    • Line Chart

    • Column Chart

    • Funnel Chart

    • Percentage Area

    • and More

  • Select Variables for the chart (System Variables and Custom Variables)

  • Save

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom section of your Dashboard to view your Custom Chart.

Create Custom Charts From Fx Variables

Step 1: Navigate to the Fx Variables Section

Click on the "meatball" icon to the right and add the metric to the dashboard as a Line Chart or Column Chart.

Edit Layout

By customizing your layout you can resize and relocate charts and KPIs that are important to your company!

Step 1: Click Edit Chart Layout:

Step 2: Adjust the Location of your Charts by dragging charts to the desired location.

Step 3: Click the double arrow to the bottom right of the chart you are resizing then drag the arrow to resize.

Types of Charts you can create for your Dashboard

Line Chart

Area Chart

Column Chart

Pie Chart

Funnel Chart

How to Remove Charts from your Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Chart Name? The Chart Name will be the title of your chart.

What is the Primary Metric? The Primary Metric will be the value that is shown as the main metric for the chart. For example, if you choose monthly average the value will be displayed under the title.

What is the Secondary Metric? The secondary metric will be the variance value from the previous period.

What is Non-Monthly Calculation? Non Monthly Calculation is the displayed value for when you switch to quarterly/annual views.

Select how you would like to calculate values when viewing the chart in a non-monthly view (for example, quarterly of annually).

Where can I find or create a data source? You can use any custom variable or system-generated variable as the data source.

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