A financial model that provides a clear line of sight into key metrics like runway is crucial to survival and scaled growth. But once that base financial model is in place, it’s important to plan for contingencies.

Finmark makes it easy for you to create and manage multiple financial scenarios for your company. You can also visually compare two models directly on your Finmark Dashboard.

Create new scenarios by starting from scratch or by making a copy of an existing scenario. Once you have multiple scenarios in place, you can select which scenario you want to view or edit directly from your Finmark Dashboard.

Create a New Scenario

Step 1: Go to Manage Scenarios

Step 2: Click +Add a new Scenario

Step 3: Fill in the required fields, select a color, and leave notes:

Copy and Edit an Existing Scenario:

Step 1: Go to Manage Scenarios

Step 2: Click the meatball icon next to the selected scenario:

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