Finmark makes it easy to share your financial plans with investors, leadership, and your employees.

Want to share just the dashboard? Or share your full model, but hide salary data? With Finmark, you control which parts of your financial model you want to share.

Let's show you how!

Step 1: To share your scenario go to Settings -> Invite New Member.

Step 2: Fill in the required fields and set the permission levels.

Required Fields:

  • Email Address

  • Company Access Level

    • User: by selecting the User access, you can select which scenarios you would like to share and the user's access level. *See Below for Access Level Options"

    • Admin: provides the user with full access at the company level, to view and edit each scenario.

If you select a user, choose which scenarios you would like to share and the access level for each scenario.

  • Dashboard Only: provides the user access to the dashboard view & the ability to expand the charts.

  • Viewer: provides full visibility into the shared scenario.

  • Editor: allows the user to collaborate, view, and edit the selected scenario.

Step 4: Once you complete steps 1-2 click finish and notify the invited user to click "view scenario" when they receive an email from Support@Finmark.Com.

The user will be prompted to register with Finmark to gain access to the shared account or scenario. If you'd like us to show you how, click the link below:

Visit our blog to learn more!

Scenario Planning and Sharing: Endless Possibilities, Effortless Collaboration

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