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What are System Variables?

In this article, we describe what System Variables are and how to use them in a formula for driving a forecast.

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After building your financial model, Finmark calculates system variables specific to your organization. These include metrics related to expenses, customers, revenue, payroll, and employees. Then, Finmark displays your system variables in a centralized location (by navigating to fx Variables > SystemVariables Tab).

On the System Variables page, you can better understand the foundational financial figures for your organization. Then, leverage them to build custom formulas to forecast your revenue and expenses.

NOTE: Although system variables are not editable, Finmark allows you to create custom variables on the Custom tab.

Let's walk through a few examples below:

Here is an example of how to use System variables in a revenue formula.

1. +Add Revenue Stream

2. Select Revenue Driver dropdown > Custom Formula

3. Build the custom formula using system variables. We will auto-populate the dropdown as you start typing to make it even easier to find your variables.

Visual formula guide below:

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