Monthly Bonus:

Employee Bonuses

While adding employees, you can forecast individual employee bonuses by using custom formulas and variables. These bonuses will be calculated on a monthly basis.

Please Note: If the result of the calculation is less than 1.0, we will assume it's a percentage and multiply it by the annual salary amount. If the result of the formula is more than 1.0, we will assume it is the actual bonus amount.


  1. Percent of Salary:

    1. For example, if the calculation for a certain month is 0.1 and the employee's annual salary is $50,000 the bonus will be → 0.1 x $50,000 = $5,000

  2. Regular Bonus Amount:

    1. For example, if the results of the formula calculation are 200 or 5,432 the bonus will be → $200 or $5,432.

Employee Commissions

To forecast Employee Commissions, the employee must be a part of one of the following departments:

  • Sales

  • Sales Operations

  • Marketing

  • Customer Success

Add the commission rate or the amount in the formula field or use variables to generate a monthly commission. From here, the commission will be calculated on a monthly basis.

Annual Bonus:

Based on a Percentage

Step 1: Create a custom variable for the annual bonus:

Enter the variable in the month the bonus will be issued and then enter the formula, Custom.AnnualBonus[-12] in the month following. This will reference the bonus amount each year.

Step 2: Go to the Employees Section of Finmark and edit the employee to apply the bonus.

This will then forecast the bonus on an annual basis:

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