With Finmark you can model a global salary increase for your employees to have a more accurate payroll forecast.

Step 1: Go to the Settings section and scroll to the Employee's section.

Step 2: Click the "edit" icon on the top right to edit the "Salary Increase" portion.

Under the Salary Increase, you can enter the percent of increase and set the frequency.

  • % (Percent of Increase): The percentage by which the annual salary increases for all of the employees

  • Frequency: The frequency of this salary increase

    • Semi-Annually or Annually: Will trigger a salary increase for 6 Months/1 Year from the employee's start date.

    • Custom Date: All employee's salaries will increase on the date set.

Impact on Actuals:

  • Each increase will be captured at the individual employee level

  • Salary changes will be reflected in Finmark as employee salaries are used in locations such as; Dashboard, Employees Section, and Actuals.

  • Historical actuals will not be impacted.

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