Navigating the Employee/Contractor Section

Learn how to navigate the employee/contractor section of your financial model

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The employees/contractors section is designed to allow you to focus on your hiring plan and your payroll budget with carefully selected charts, graphs, and detailed views of your hiring plan. In this article, we will walk you through how you can navigate through the details of your employee/contractor section.

Payroll Chart

View a monthly breakdown of your total payroll and headcount to track your payroll budget each month.

Payroll by Department

The Payroll by Department chart will show you the payroll budget by the department for the calendar dates selected, as well as the average headcount by the department.

Hiring Drivers

The hiring drivers section allows you to create and view the hiring drivers built for your hiring plan. You can view driver records, edit hiring drivers, and delete hiring drivers from this section. Click here to learn more about hiring drivers and how to create them.

Employee Summary

The Employee Summary provides a detailed breakdown of each individual employee. Use this section to view employee details such as:

  • Name

  • Department & Job Title

  • Annual Salary

  • Benefits & Taxes

  • Start Dates/End Date

Customize your view by selecting specific columns to analyze at any time.

Employee Details

View a monthly breakdown of employees/contractors payroll and benefits. You can use this section to make adjustments for historical actuals and to edit future employee details.

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