Navigating the Expenses Section

Learn more about navigating your non-payroll expenses section.

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In Finmark, we've designed a section to provide you with the tools to create a simple or powerful expense budget. In this article, we will walk you through how to navigate your non-payroll expenses section.

Monthly Expenses

The Monthly Expenses chart provides a breakdown of the monthly sum of all of your budgeted expenses. Hover over each month to see how much you've budgeted each month.

Expense by Category

The Expense by Category provides visibility in your total spend as a percent of category for the calendar dates selected. Use this chart to understand how much your total budget is allocated for each category.

Expense Summary

The Expense Summary provides a summary of all budgeted expenses from the calendar dates selected. In the Expense Summary you can view the following:

  • Expenses by department and class

  • Minimum and Maximum Amount Budgeted

  • Start/End Dates

In the expense summary, you can also edit and delete budgeted expenses.

Expense Details

In the Expense Details section, you can view a monthly breakdown of your historical and future forecasted expenses. In this section, you can edit or adjust any historical or future expense budgets.

With integrations, you can view the historical invoices for each individual account by clicking on the puzzle piece shown.

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