Navigating the Revenue Section

Learn how to navigate the Revenue Section in Finmark

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Finmark's Revenue Section is designed to allow you to create a dynamic growth plan, and see the impact your growth has on your revenue forecast. In this article, we will walk you through how to analyze the charts, graphs, and details in your revenue forecast.

Total Revenue

The Total Revenue chart provides a breakdown of your monthly revenue forecast. Including details into your Recurring Revenue, Other Revenue, Adjustments to Revenue, and Total Revenue on a monthly basis.

Revenue by Product

The Revenue by Product shows the total revenue for each individual product during the time period selected as well on a basis of the percent of revenue per each product.

Revenue Summary

The Revenue Summary provides a breakdown of the following:

  • Products & Pricing Plans

  • Visibility into each Revenue Stream

  • Revenue Metrics

Revenue Details

In the Revenue Details section, you will find a breakdown of all revenue and customer details. In this section, you can view/update all historical actuals and view all future growth projections.


View a detailed list of when you received or plan to receive equity and debt financing.

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