Drive revenue streams based on specific monthly growth rates.

This driver applies to the following revenue stream types:

  • Subscription customers

  • One-time purchases

Add a Monthly Growth Rate Revenue Driver

To drive revenue based on month-over-month growth of base subscribers or one-time purchases:

1a: If you are creating a Subscription customer-based revenue stream, first add a product with the Subscription frequency selected.

1b: If you are creating a One-time Purchase-based revenue stream, first add a product with a One-time frequency selected.

2: Navigate to the Revenue page in the Finmark console.

3: Click + Add > Revenue Stream and then enter a Revenue Stream Name.

4: Select Base subscribers with monthly growth from the Revenue Driver dropdown menu.

5: Enter the Acquisition Start Date and End Date (if any).

6: Enter the number of paying subscribers you expect to acquire in the initial month across each pricing plan.

7: Click Add.

That’s it! You can now view your revenue stream forecast based on your monthly growth rate assumptions.

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