Sales-led revenue drivers forecast ramp time assumptions for specific sales roles, including quotas, ramp time, and attainment.

This driver applies to the following revenue stream types:

  • Subscription customers

  • One-time purchases

1: If you are creating a Sales-led revenue stream, you must have an existing Sales Employee. Review or add your Sales team members on the Employees page.

2: Navigate to the Revenue page in the Finmark console.

3: Click + Add > Revenue Stream.

4: Select the product(s) associated with this revenue stream, and then select Sales-led Conversions from the Revenue Driver dropdown menu.

5: Enter the Acquisition Start Date and End Date (if any).

6: Assign the Role, such as:

  • BDR

  • Account Executive

  • Sale Director

7: Enter the Annual Quota for all sales team members in the assigned role.

8: Enter the Sales Rep Ramp Time. (i.e., expected number of months for employees in the selected role to reach full sales momentum)

9: Enter the expected percentage of Quota Attainment for the selected role.

10: Enter the expected percentage of % Attainment During Ramp. (The expected estimate of how quickly new hires in this role will be fully productive.)

11: Enter the percentage of paying subscribers you expect to acquire in the initial month across the selected pricing plans. (The distribution of your paying customers must add up to 100%.)

12: Click Add.

That’s it! You can now view your revenue stream forecast based on your sales performance assumptions.

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