Step 1: On the fX Variables Section start by building your Freemium to Paid Trial Users Funnel.

For this example, we used the following variables:

  • # Website Visitors: growing at 10% each month

  • % of Sign-Ups from Website: 10%

  • Total Freemium Trial Users

  • % of Freemium to Paid Conversion Rate: 7%

  • Sum of Freemium to Paid Subscribers

Our forecasted # of Website Visitors led to a 10% Freemium Sign Up Rate -> 7% Paid Trial Conversion for the next month since our Free Trial is for 30 days.

Step 1a: Enter Fixed Variables

Sign-Ups: 10% Sign Up from Website Visitors

% of Freemium to Paid Conversion Rate

Step 2a: Forecast # of Website Visitors with 20% month over month growth:

Next, we entered our initial number of Website Visitors and forecasted our Website Visitors Growth over time.

Formula: Custom.WebsiteVisitors[-1]+Custom.WebsiteVisitors[-1]*.10

Step 2b: Forecast Free Trial Sign-Ups from Website Visitors

Step 2c: Forecast Free Trial Conversions

Formula: Custom.FreeTrialSignUps[-1]*Custom.FreemiumToPaidConversion

Since we offer a 30-day trial, we started our freemium trial conversions in October.

The next step is to apply this to a revenue stream. Go back to the Revenue Section:

Step 1: Add a New Revenue Stream

Step 2: Select Products & Pricing Plans

Step 3: Select Revenue Driver and Enter the Following Details:

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