Revenue Inputs:

Average Order Value: Average order value including shipping costs.

Shipping Costs: Cost to ship orders.

Website Conversions: Based on Marketing Budget & Cost Per Lead

Step 1: Marketing Budget

For this example, our marketing budget started at $1,500 and grew by 20% each month.

Enter the starting budget for marketing. In the next month enter the following formula:

fx = Custom.MarketingBudget[-1]*(1.20)

Step 2: Cost Per Click

On average, how much will each click cost? For this example, we estimated that each click will cost $5.00

Step 3: Website Visitors

To find your Website Visitors you will divide your Marketing Budget by your Cost Per Lead.

fx = Custom.MarketingBudget/Custom.CostPerClick

Step 4: Customer Conversions

Enter the estimated conversion rate for Website Visitors to Customers.

Step 5: Find the total number of Customers.

To find the total number of customers use the following formula:

fx = Custom.WebsiteVisitors*Custom.CustomerConversion

Forecasting Revenue

Now that we have our revenue inputs created we can head over to the Revenue Section in Finmark to forecast our revenue.

Step 1: Click + Add > New Product

Step 2: Fill in your Product Details and Save.

Step 3: Click +Add > Revenue Stream

Step 4: Enter the Revenue Stream Name and Select One-Time Purchases

Step 5: Set the Forecast Method as Custom Formula, enter the Start Date, and Enter the Custom Formula from your Website Conversions.

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