In this article, we will show you how to have more control over your expense budget by excluding expenses from impacting cash or hiding expenses from your expense budget.

Hiding Zero Budgeted Expenses

A common use case for hiding Zero Budget Expenses is expenses that may have been one-time expenses imported from your accounting platform, that you would still like to record in the actuals. You can hide these from your expense summary by setting the budget to 0 then select the setting in the expenses section to hide your zero budgeting expenses.

Step 1: Go the Expenses Section

Step 2: Set the budget of the expense you would like to hide to 0.

For this example, we will use Other Expenses.

Click the icon to edit then set the amount to 0.

This will only change future forecasted amounts for this expense. This will not change any historical data imported from your accounting platform or any data that was manually budgeted or adjusted for this expense.

Once saved, the expense will look similar to the image shown below:

Step 3: Click the chart icon highlighted below and select "Hide Zero Budget Expenses"

This will hide all expenses budgeted at 0 from your expense summary, but you can still view these expenses in your Actuals.

How to Exclude Expenses from Impacting Cash

Excluding an Expense from your Forecast will stop the expense from impacting cash.

Step 1: On the expenses section, click Edit Expense.

Step 2: From the pop-up window click the "Exclude from Model" option.

Expenses excluded from the model will be greyed out, as shown below:

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