What is the Adjustments Tab for?

What is it and why does it happen

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Adjustments to Revenue, Expenses, or Payroll:

This line item indicates that there were external actuals (from an integration) creating a change to the revenue actuals or if the actuals of the month were adjusted.

The adjustments line holds the difference between what you have forecasted and what is pulling in from your integrations.

For Example:

Forecasted Revenue in Finmark: $8,000

Accounting Integration Revenue: $10,000

The adjustment line will hold: $2,000 of revenue that needs to be allocated/

NOTE: The Payroll section works the same way :)

You can view adjustments to revenue on the actuals and in the revenue section:



For example, if I were to update the revenue subtotal for Dec '21 from $11,088 to $10,000 the Adjustments to Revenue will be -$1,088.

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