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Getting Started with Finmark
Getting Started with Finmark
Step 4: Import Current and Future Payroll Expenses
Step 4: Import Current and Future Payroll Expenses

Add your current and future forecasted hiring plan to set your payroll budget.

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Set your Current and Future Payroll Budget

With Finmark you can forecast your current and future forecasted employees to understand how your hiring plan and current payroll costs affect your overall burn rate.

If you have a third-party payroll integration, please follow the steps listed in the How to Integrate your Payroll Data with Finmark help article prior to reading this article.

With Finmark there are multiple ways to forecast a dynamic hiring plan, here's how:

Adding Employees One-by-One:

Step 1: On the Employees page, click + Add and then click Employee.

Step 2: Fill in the required fields then click Save.

Multiple Employee Upload

Follow these steps to add employees using the multiple employee upload option.

Step 1: Select +Add -> Multiple Employees. From here you will be prompted to download a pre-made Google Sheet Template that you can fill out with your employee details.

Step 2: After downloading the Google Sheet Template, you will be redirected to our form. Complete the download and review the instructions on Tab 1, also shown below:



Step 1

In your local copy, add employees to the "Upload" tab (Tab 2). Be sure to fill out all required fields. Required or Optional status is denoted in column headers.

Step 2

Once step #1 is complete, Press File -----> Download -----> Comma Separated Values (.csv, current sheet) to your local documents folder. Be sure to do this step while in the "Upload" tab.

Step 3

Continue with the "Add Multiple Employees" function within Finmark's Employee dashboard, uploading the CSV saved in Step #2


The class column is optional unless you want to create a custom department. If you want to create a custom department you have to select a class from the dropdown.

Step 3: Click Tab 2 labeled Upload to begin adding your employee details.

Fill in the required details such as:

Step 4: After adding all of your employees, go to File -> Download -> CSV

Step 5: Either drag and drop the downloaded CSV File or select to upload from your files, then click upload to complete the download.

If you’re unsure where to start, you can review our blog for best practices on hiring your first employees by clicking here.

How to Create a Hiring Driver

Step 1: Go to the employee's section, click +Add Hiring Driver.

Step 2: Enter your custom variables or system variables into the custom formula field.

View our example on scaling your team based on revenue thresholds:

Additional Resources:

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