Revenue forecasting is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to financial planning.

Finmark provides the tools to help you set goals, plan for the future and make smarter decisions about growth.

Part 1: Add Products

These can be Subscription-Based Products, One-Time Purchases, Enterprise Contracts, Etc.

For this example, we will walk through adding a Subscription-Based Product.

Step 1: On the Revenue page, click + Add and then click Product.

Step 2: Enter the Product Details and Save. If you have multiple plans associated with the product, click +add another pricing plan.

You can set the frequency of the product under the "What is the Frequency" option while adding a pricing plan.

You can view all products and pricing plans under your revenue summary.

Repeat steps 1-2 until you’ve added all of your products and pricing plans.

Part 2: Forecast Revenue

Adding a revenue stream is how you can forecast revenue from the products added in the previous step.

There are three ways to forecast your revenue:

In this example, we will walk through adding a subscription-based revenue stream.

Step 1: Click + Add > Add Revenue Stream.

Step 2a: Select the revenue stream type (subscription, one-time, or revenue only) and then click Next.

Step 2b: Select the products associated with the revenue stream.

Step 2c: Select how you are driving your revenue. For this example, we selected Base Subscribers with Monthly Growth.

Step 5: Repeat this process for all revenue streams till you complete your forecast.

To learn more about forecasting revenue or would like to try our other methods of forecasting revenue, check out our help guides in our Powerful Revenue Forecasting collection.

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