In this article, we will walk you through how to maintain and view your actuals.

Viewing Actuals

Navigate to the Actuals by clicking the "Actuals" Section, located in your Main Menu Bar.

The Actuals are broken down into 2 sections, Actuals & Cash. You can navigate to each section by clicking the tabs shown below.

You can edit the view of your actuals based on the following criteria:

  1. Combined Actuals: Revenue, Expenses, and Payroll Actuals

  2. Revenue Only: Contains all the pricing plans under each revenue stream.

  3. Non-payroll Expenses Only: All Non-Payroll Expenses

  4. Payroll Only: Salary, Benefits, and Taxes

Updating Actuals

To view and update historical data, set the calendar to the desired start/end date.

  • For connected accounts, your actuals will automatically update each month or when you manually refresh the integration.

  • For non-connected accounts, you can manually adjust your actuals by clicking into each cell or pasting your data into your actuals. Here's how:

How to Manually Adjust Actuals:

Step 1: Start by identifying the actuals you would like to adjust. Then click into each cell and adjust the values:

Step 2: Once adjusted, you will see a user icon next to the actuals that have been manually adjusted by a user.

How to Paste Actuals:

Step 1: Copy the data from your source then paste it into the month you would like to import the actuals for:

Step 2: Once the paste has been processed, the accounts will update the correct values and the icon will be presented as a user icon.

How to Reset User Actuals

If you need to reset user actuals, here's how:

Step 1: Start by selecting the actuals you would like to reset.

Step 2: Then click "Reset Actuals"

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