How to Add, Edit, and Delete Payment Collection Terms:

  1. Adding Payment and Collection Terms

  2. Deleting and Editing Payment and Collection Terms

Adding Payment and Collection Terms

In Settings, under the Payment and Collection Terms, you can now add New Collection Terms for your product revenue.

Default Collection Terms: A default setting is labeled “Immediately” that has one box, “Month of” with 100%. The default setting is applied to all current revenue streams.

To add a new collection term please follow the steps below;

  1. Click +Add another collection term

2. Enter the Name of Collection Term and Select the % Collection Per Month

3. Add additional months by clicking the + Icon (Max 18 Months)

4. Fill in the percentage fields to equal 100%

Once you've added your collection term you can now go to the Revenue Section and add the collection term to your product's revenue stream.

Deleting & Editing Collection Terms

You can delete and edit Collection Terms by going to Settings > Payment and Collection Terms and clicking the icon shown below:

From here, select whether you would like to edit or delete the plan.

Common Questions:

Deleting Collection Term:

If a pricing plan is currently configured to one of the non-default settings and the user attempts to delete it, an error message shows “You cannot delete this collection term as it is being used by an expense”

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