Adding, Editing, or Deleting Products & Pricing Plans

Managing products and pricing plans in Finmark

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In Finmark, you can add Products and Pricing to forecast Subscriptions or One-Time Purchases. If you have a subscription or a one-time purchase make sure to add your products and pricing plans prior to adding a revenue stream.

Learn how to add, edit, or delete pricing plans in a few simple steps below:

Adding Products & Pricing Plans

Step 1: Click +Add > Product

For this example, we will use a basic subscription and a one-time setup fee.

  1. Basic – $20/month

  2. Set-Up Fee - $100/One-time

Step 2: Fill in the subscription product details.

Once finished, click Add Plan, then Save.

Now we can add our One-Time Set-Up fee following the same method, but choosing the one-time frequency.

Now that we've added our products, we can scroll down to the Products Section of the Revenue Summary where we can view all of our product details, pricing plans, and revenue associated with the products.

Editing Pricing Plans

To change the future price of your products, you can "edit" the product pricing plan. If the product is associated with any revenue stream, it will adjust the revenue based on the change in price.

This is good for testing the following scenarios;

  • How an adjustment to price can affect revenue over time

  • If you've had price increases

  • If you've had a price decrease

To adjust the price of the product, start on the revenue section and scroll down to the Products section of your revenue summary.

Step 1: Identify the product that you would like to adjust the price for. From there, click the pencil icon to the left of the product.

Step 2: Make the adjustments to pricing and click "save edit" the Finish Editing.

Once saved, you'll see that the revenue has been adjusted for all future months:

Deleting Products/Pricing Plans

*Please Note* You cannot delete a pricing plan if it is associated with a revenue stream.

Step 1. Start on the Revenue Section and scroll to Revenue Summary > Products.

Step 2. To the right of the product, you would like to delete, click the pencil icon.

Step 3. Click the icon next to the pricing plan you would like to delete and click Delete Plan.

Step 4. Once you've deleted all the pricing plans associated with the product you would like to delete, confirm you have read and understood the warning message by clicking "I Understand".

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