Learn more about managing your subscription, payment details, and billing.

  1. Updating Payment Method

  2. Viewing Invoices

  3. Canceling/Pausing Account

Updating Payment Method

To update your credit card or payment method in Finmark. Follow the steps below:

Go to your Settings Section:

The go-to your the Billing Section then click "Edit Details" to view your invoice:

From there, you can select to edit your Payment Method.

Viewing Invoices

Step 1: Go to the Settings Section.

Step 2: Click Edit Details.

Step 3: Select the Transaction to view the Invoice.

How to Cancel or Pause your Subscription

We'd be sad to see you go! Are you sure you want to cancel your account? You'll lose the financial model you've spent time building in Finmark!

If you'd rather pause your account for the time being, please let us know! We're happy to work with you on this.

In regards to cancellations, we will have a self-service cancellation option coming in the future. At this time, If you would like to proceed with the cancellation, reach out to our team through our intercom help center or email us at help@finmark.com with the reason for the cancellation, that way we can continue to improve Finmark!

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