With custom formulas, your churn rate can be variable across time. To do this in Finmark, you can use utilize a custom variable in the fX Variable Section of Finmark.

For this example, we will create a changing churn rate over time.

Step 1: Go the Fx Variables Section of Finmark.

Step 2: Click +Add Custom Variable

Step 3: Enter the name of the custom variable and set the function.

For this example, we've named the custom variable "Product A Churn" and set the variable to the % Function.

Step 4: Enter the changing churn rate.

For our Product A Churn we will start with a churn rate of 10%, then 6 months later we are forecasting our churn to decrease to 8%.

Step 5: Go back to the Revenue Section and apply the custom variable to the product churn.

Start by adding a new product by entering the name, price, and frequency. Then, for churn, we will enter the custom variable that we've created in Steps 3-4. As shown below:

Now, any other changes you want to make to churn for your forecast can be made directly in the custom variables screen.

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