If you want to see a template model in Finmark, you can access our fully-built example model in your account. Our Example Model has a financial plan built with common expense budgets, hiring plans, revenue forecasts, fx variables, and more. You can copy this example model and use it as your own to quickly test Finmark.

Accessing the Template Model

You can access the Example Model scenario in your account once you sign up. Click on the selected scenario dropdown to select the example model to see Finmark in action.

Details about this template model

  • You can edit the data to make it your own

  • While the model has mostly SaaS elements, you can customize the labels and forecasts.

  • This is intended to be a reference or quick start template but oftentimes will need to be updated with your own assumptions.

  • There are Custom Variables created in the Fx Variables section that we recommend taking a look at to see how the Forecasts are built up.

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