How to Import Historical Expenses
How to import historical expenses into Finmark (without an integration)
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In this article, we will show you how you can import your historical expenses into Finmark.

Step 1: On the expenses section, add the expense for the dates you are adding the historical data for.

For example, if you want to add an expense that occurred from January 2020 to December 2020 enter the following details:

Step 2: *Ensure the Date Picker is set to the correct dates you are adding the historical data for* Now go to the expense details tab and you will see the expense has been added.

Step 3: Adjust the System Generated Values to the historical actuals for those months. You can do this by manually adjusting the values for each month or copying & pasting the data from a prior spreadsheet.

I've included how-to examples for each below:

Manually Adjusting the Data:

How to Copy & Paste Data from a Spreadsheet:

Step 1: Highlight the values you would like to copy, then click (Command + C).

Step 2: Paste the data into Finmark (Command + V)

Repeat these steps for all of the historical expenses.

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