Why would you want to use Sub-Expenses?

If you want the detailed hierarchical structure to be able to view expenses at any level of granularity.

In Finmark, you can create a sub-expense to link to an existing parent expense.

A common example of this is listing multiple types of subscription costs, under a single parent software expense. Follow the steps below to learn how:

Step 1: Click +Add Expense, from the Add Expense Pop-Up you will see the option to add a "Parent Expense"

Step 2: First select the expense department, and then click the "Parent Expense" drop-down menu. The Expenses in the selected expense department will be listed as Parent Expenses.

Step 3: Fill in the remaining expense details, then click Save.

Step 4: Once the expense is saved, you will see that the expense has been linked to the parent account. The example below shows the Parent as the Software Expense with the Sub-Account as Hubspot.

Repeat Steps 1-4 to add additional or multiple parent and sub-accounts.

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