How to Edit, Duplicate, or Delete Employees

Learn how to edit, duplicate or delete employees.

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On the employees section, scroll down to the employee summary and click the meatball icon to the right of the employee.

From here, you can either Edit, Duplicate or Delete the employee.

Editing Employees

Click "Edit Employee" and then fill in the fields you are editing, then click save. The Edit Employee pop-up will look like the image below:

*Please note* If you are changing data with a past start date you will have to update these values in the actuals.

Duplicating Employees:

If you are duplicating employees, click the "Duplicate Employee Tab" from here, and a new screen will appear where you can enter the new employee details and click add employee.

Delete Employee:

To delete an employee, click delete employee. From here, follow the prompts of the warning message.

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