Forecast Revenue with the Advanced Subscription Revenue Driver

Add a Revenue Stream:

  1. Navigate to the Revenue Section.

  2. Once here, set up your pricing terms by adding a product.

  3. After a product has been added, you can then add a new revenue stream.

  4. Select Advanced Subscription Revenue

  5. You can then drive your revenue based on any of the following forecast options:

Advanced Revenue Stream Based on New MRR and Revenue Expansion:

Step 1: Create the Custom Variable in the Workbook Section of your Variables.

Some Revenue Variables for your Advanced Revenue can include the following:

  • New MRR

  • Expansion MRR

  • Contraction MRR

  • Churn MRR: Please Note: Churn is based on eligibility and this should be a zero or positive value

Step 2: Go to the Revenue Section and Select +Add New Revenue Stream.

Step 3: Enter the Start Date for the Advanced Subscription Revenue and Reference the Custom Variable for New MRR or enter a custom formula.

Step 4: Click Save, and you are done! To view the details of your Advanced Revenue, head over to your revenue details page and view a breakdown of your advanced revenue forecast.

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